Our Story

Tico Cafe Store was started when we identified a problem or void that needed a solution. Many people that visit Costa Rica fall in love with the place, culture, people as well as the coffee.  Oftentimes they go back to their country and want to buy premium Costa Rican coffee but find it difficult. And when they do find online stores that have coffee from Costa Rica it's normally just the regular brands found in the stores, airport, and is not the real premium Coffee Costa Rica has to offer. What many people don’t know is that the cream of the crop coffee does not stay in the country,  it's normally exported to big roasters in Europe and the USA so it's very likely that visitors to Costa Rica haven’t really even tasted the best premium coffees.This is where Tico Cafe Store comes into play by ensuring our clients can purchase World-Class premium coffee for your home and business.  We bring one of the best Costa Rican coffees in the Tarrazú region with multiple variants to satisfy the most demanding coffee lovers worldwide. Tico Cafe Store - taste the difference!


Our supplier Coopetarrazú was created on October 13, 1960, with 228 associates in San Marcos de Tarrazú. Now with decades of experience and tradition in the production of coffee in Costa Rica. Today, the cooperative has more than 4650 associates, has a processing capacity of 250,000 quintals, and always seeks to create services that help the welfare and development of its members and the area of ​​influence in which it operates.


It is a concept of special lots of coffee, coming from various communities located in the Tarrazú region so we can provide traceability from the production farm to the beneficiation area before being exported to our clients. Promoting an economic and ethical-social benefit for the various participating sectors: buyer, consumer, cooperative, associates, and the community in general.  Its a mutually beneficial relationship where we get to provide you with premium coffee that will bring you enjoyment and delight and your support helps the farmers, community as well as the local economy. 


100% of our coffee is Fair Trade certified, which demonstrates our commitment and guarantees a socially responsible coffee product, respectful of the environment, and of high quality. It also offers the customer the security of consuming a product worked in suitable conditions. Maintain strict quality controls, works with the traceability from the farm to export, and with quality standards that are verified from the plantations at the beginning of each harvest. The cooperative has highly qualified personnel and a quality control laboratory that follows a protocol called Quality Audit. The Quality Audit implements controls that involve the tasting of each batch of 60 quintals that is processed to verify its quality.


Tico Cafe Store is committed to customer satisfaction from beginning to end. We designed our website not only to tell who we are and what we do but it was also designed to be a customer-friendly interface so we can make your coffee shopping experience an easy one. We listen to our customer´s voice, therefore we collect feedback from their shopping and coffee experience in order to maintain the best quality and inventory.

We also have personalized and quality customer service in order to exceed customer expectation´s when contacting us!

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